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Online Check-in for 2016–2017

Overland O​nline Check-in for 2015-2016
  • Mandatory district forms.DO THIS FIRST. CLICK HERE. Parents, please use the registration links on the Overland Home Page to fill in the mandatory district forms. Students will not be able to check-in in August unless the mandatory district forms have been completed online by a parent or guardian.
  • Overland check-in forms. Complete the appropriate forms online, print and return the forms to the IST Main Office or Overland’s Main Office by July 24th or have your student bring them to check-in.
  • Online Payment. Parents may pay for fees and fines online. If you pay your fees and fines online between July 20th and July 30th, the 3.49% service fee will be waived.
Step 1: Informational Packet  Need Help?

Click the appropriate button below for the grade level of the student during the 2015-2016 school year. Read all the information in the packet. It is not necessary to print this.

Having trouble viewing the documents? Try a different web browser.

IST Building
Tue July 28 (4-7pm)
Wed July 29 (4-7pm)
  sen​iors   |  jun​iors  |   sophomores   |   freshmen 
Step 2: Overland Forms to Print & Return  
Click the appropriate button below for the grade level of the student during the 2015-2016 school year. Complete the forms, print them, and bring them to check-in. If you save the linked file and open with Adobe Acrobat, you will be able to type directly into the forms.  Freshman Orientation

Tue Aug 11
  sen​iors   |  juniors  |   sophomores   |   fr​eshmen  Cafeteria Price Increase
  Breakfast $1.85
Step 3: Locker Request  Lunch $3.05
Many lockers go unused while new students are without lockers. Please use the link below to let Security know if you need a locker this year.   Milk $0.85
  locker request  Free or Reduced Lunch Application
Step 4: Parking Pass Request  
Juniors and Seniors only

Use the link below to request a parking pass application. A member of the Security staff will bring you an application during the first two weeks of school.
  parking pass request  
Step 5: AP Summer Institute Signup  AP Institute
Recommended for students enrolled in AP classes for the 2015-16 school year

This form is due by July 24, which is BEFORE Check-In Day. Please submit the AP Summer Institute Registration Form contained in your packet (Step 2) or by using the link below.
  Tue Aug 4 (12–3pm)
Wed Aug 5 (12–3pm)
 AP Institute — due by July 24 to IST main office  
Step 6: Online Payment  
Click the link below to pay your fees online. Otherwise, you may pay by credit card, check, or cash on your assigned check-in day. Be sure to print and save your receipt.

The 3.49% service fee will be waived from July 20 to July 30.
  revtrak payment portal  
Step 7: Check-in Day  
Bring your completed forms and any required payment to Overland High School on the day indicated below. Student photos will be taken for yearbook, pictures, and ID's. Check-in takes place in the Overland West Gym.

Bring your printed receipt if you paid the Activity Fee online so you can get your free shirt.

Seniors – Monday, August 3 from 12:30-3:30pm
Juniors – Tuesday, August 4 from 12:30-3:30pm
Sophomores – Monday, August 3 from 7:30-11:00am
Freshmen – Tuesday, August 4 from 7:30-11:00am

MAKEUP – Wednesday, August 12 from 7:30-11:00am

Alicia Pray
   First Day of School

Thursday, August 13