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Activities & Clubs
Shari VanHaselen

Shari VanHaselen

Activities Director
Susie Ruiz

Susie Ruiz

Activities Office Secretary

Guest Passes for Dances

Pick them up in the Activities Office, and submit them by the due date prior to the event. These passes are required for guests who do not attend Overland High School.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.18.26 AM.png

Activities Fee

The Activities Fee for students is $30 and helps to support Overland activities and programs along with assistance from the OPTCO. A Student ID that is stamped with "ACTIVITY" will provide the following discounts:
  • Homecoming
  • Prom
  • Talent Show
  • Away Games
  • FREE entrance to Home Games

Permission Forms for Field Trips

Overland Clubs (updated 3/11/19)

African United
Meetings: Thurs 3:45–4:45pm (121B)

Sponsor: Sheawanna Anderson

Please see Ms. Sheawanna Anderson in Suite B if you have questions about this club.

Anime Club
Meetings: Wed 3:30–4:30pm (243D)

Sponsor: Carolyn Childs
> Anime News Network
In anime club, we watch anime, discuss club business, play games, and do anything else related to anime. We also learn Japanese words, sample Japanese foods, and explore other Japanese traditions. We provide a social outlet where students can chat after school and relax in a fun environment while getting involved at OHS.

Art Club
Meetings: Thurs 3:30–4:30pm (265F)

Sponsor: Michael Daniel
Art club Art club is an after school program that promotes students artistic abilities. During our time in the club, all students actively participate in the planned art lessons or some other form of artistic creative outlet that the students may want to discover. The students get to create and learn about different types of art media and materials to work with. There is also a focus on community and our Overland students finding time to donate our service to our surrounding community. Art media
  • Plaster
  • Suminagashi (water marlbing)
  • Resin
  • Watercolors
  • Mache
  • Printmaking and Painting
  • Tie-dye
  • Clay and much more!

Blazers United for Change (BUFC)
Meetings: Mon 3:30–4:30pm (137C)

Sponsor: Tim Reyes
Please see Mr. Reyes for information about this service organization

Bowling Club
Meetings: Mon 3:30pm (125B)

Sponsor: Kay Willis
Do you like to bowl or want to learn how?  Join the Bowling Club, and see how they roll.  See Ms. Willis in Suite B.

Meetings: Tues 3:30–4:30pm (112A)

Sponsor:  Jay Bennish
BSA = Black Student Alliance.  Are you interested in changing stereotypes and building community?  Come see what BSA is all about.  Please see Mr. Bennish in Office 1001A for more information.

​Chess/Board Game Club
Meetings: Tues 3:30pm (225B)

Sponsor:  Christine McLelland
All levels welcome.  Drop in once or play every week.

​Chinese Club
Meetings: Fri 3:30–4:30pm (IE 105)

Sponsor: Yingxin Liu
Are you interested in the Chinese language or culture?  Stop by the Chinese Club and check it out.

​Clean-Up Committee
Meetings: Wed 3:45–4:45pm (130C)

Sponsor: Principal Lundie
What can YOU do to keep our school clean?
  1. Put your trash in a trash can
  2. Pick up litter when you see it
  3. Join the Clean-Up Committee Clean-Up Committee

This is a class during the school day.

Sponsor:  Roberto Ocaña
DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA enhances the preparation for college and careers by providing co-curricular programs that integrate into classroom instruction, apply learning, connect to business and promote competition.

​Drama Club
Meetings: Mon–Fri (152E)

Sponsor:  Andy Ray
Drama Club members work on the many theatrical productions mounted at Overland each year. Students may participate in the realms of publicity, staging, lighting, sound, stage management, directing, playwriting, acting, set design, program, set construction, props, makeup, costumes, and pit orchestra. The main activity of the club is the production of plays, other comedic presentations, and technical support/production for other events taking place in the OHS Auditorium. There is a yearly retreat for all Drama Club members and Thespians.  See also: International Thespian Society

Meetings: Tues 7:35-8:10am (262F)

Sponsor:  Patrick O'Riley
FBLA is a local, state, and national organization. Students perform service and participate in social activities. They can also attend leadership conferences around the state, region, and country. Club members contend in competitive events centered on business subject matter. Students with an interest in business get the opportunity to network with other students and business leaders; and developing communication, organization, and leadership skills. Scholarship opportunities are also available for seniors.

Meetings: Tues 3:30–4:15pm

Sponsosr: E. McHenry-Hutto & A. Bergmann
FCCLA is a local, state, and national organization. Students can participate in community service projects and social activities. They may also attend leadership conferences around the district, state, and country. Club members may enter competitive events centered around families, communities and career choices. FCCLA provides students with an interest in FACS careers the opportunity to network with other students and business leaders. Students also develop communication, organization, and leadership skills. Scholarships are available.

Meetings: Wed 3:30pm (244D)

Sponsors: J. Gagnon & A. Rauluk
The Overland High School Gay Straight Alliance will provide support, social interaction, and advocacy training to its members in order to promote awareness and acceptance of diversity within the high school community.  This mission will increase school safety, which will in turn increase academic success.

Guitar Club
Meetings: Thurs 3:30pm (133C)

Sponsor:  Steve Helfant
Beginner to expert, acoustic or electric—all are welcome! No guitar? No experience? No problem!

Meetings: 3rd Thurs 3:30–4:00pm

Sponsor:  Sue Singh
HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America ) is a group for students interested in careers in Health Sciences. Students must be enrolled in a Health Sciences class to be in HOSA.

​Instrumental Music Program
Bands & Orchestras

Directors:  Ryan Monarch & Hannah Smith
>Instrumental Music Site
Students interested in participating in the Overland Instrumental Music Program should talk to Mr. Ryan Monarch (band) or Ms. Hannah Smith (orchestra). Their office is located in the performing arts hallway. Be sure to check out the Instrumental Music website, using the link at the left.

Band and orchestra classes meet during the day, and some groups rehearse outside of school hours, such as Marching Band and Pit Orchestra for the musical.

International Thespian Society
Meetings: First Wednesdays 3:30pm (152E)

Sponsor:  Andy Ray
> International Thespian Festival
Overland High School's Thespian Troupe (troupe #2762) is a group of elite drama/theatre students — those who have fulfilled the requirements for becoming a Thespian: 100 hours of work in two different aspects of the theatre (including, but not limited to, acting, directing, publicity, lights, sound, stage management, set construction, pit orchestra, costumes, props, makeup, and playwriting). Every two years, the Thespians travel to New York City to sight-see and attend theatrical productions on and off Broadway. See also: Drama Club

Korean Culture Club
Meetings: Mon 3:45–4:30pm (IC213)

Sponsor:  Vanessa Voorheis
Have you ever wondered what the other side of the world does? Here in Korean Culture club explore the food, clothing, and trends Korea has to offer!

​Link Crew
Meetings: Thurs 3:30–4:00pm (121B)

Sponsors:  J. Sanchez and M. Carnahan
> Link Application 2019-20 (updated 4/22/19)
> Teacher Recommendation for 2019-20

Link Crew is comprised of a select group of rising junior and senior students, nominated by members of Overland's staff, to serve as an orientation welcome and mentoring committee for incoming freshmen students. Members of Link Crew attend training sessions in the spring and again at the end of the summer to learn skills to positively impact the newest class of students coming to Overland.

Applications are accepted in mid-April for the following school year. Check for a link at the left.

Applications due APRIL 26, 2019

Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)
Meetings: First/Third Mondays 3:30-4:30pm (IP204)

Sponsor:  Erin Blinck
Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society Overland's Purpose:
  • to stimulate an interest in mathematics
  • to provide public recognition for superior mathematical achievement
  • to provide mathematical activities and competitions
  • to provide math tutors for struggling students
Membership Requirements
  • Maintain a overall GPA of at least 3.0
  • Maintain a mathematical GPA of at least 3.0
  • Completed Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2
  • Tutoring at least 4 hours per semester in the after school tutorials or during your free period.
  • Attend the monthly chapter meetings
  • Abide by the chapter by-laws

Meetings: Thurs 3:45-4:45pm (121B)

Sponsor:  Sheawanna Anderson
Please see Ms. Anderson in Suite B if you are interested in joining the Muslim Student Alliance.

First & Third Thurs 3:40–4:00pm (ULC)

Sponsors:  Lara Kendrick & Tina Longcor
> NHS Application 2019
> NHS Application Letter for Packet 2019
> NHS Teacher Recommendation 2019

National Honor Society is a nationally affiliated honor society open to students with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.50. There is an emphasis on community service, and the club requires members to complete at least ten hours of community service each semester of the school year. Each year, NHS helps to coordinate the national Read Across America Campaign for the North Area of the Cherry Creek School District. Prospective members receive notification of their eligibility and an application each semester, and new members are inducted each year.

download NHS Brochure

This is a class during the school day.

Sponsor:  Laura Varble
Interested in writing, reporting, page design, art, photography, and web page? Do you have opinions you want to be heard? Do you want to make a difference? Apply to be a part of the newspaper staff. Help produce Overland's award-winning, full-color news magazine, The Overland Scout. Share your opinions, report on school events, write about athletic and performing arts events, and review new releases in the media and plays at Overland.

Meetings: Dates vary, 3:30pm (Activities Office)

Sponsor:  Susie Ruiz

Never Underestimate Trailblazer Spirit.
Got Blazer spirit?  Join the NUTS! 

Meetings: Mon 3:30–4:30pm (IC 214)

Sponsor:  Mitchell Sedlmayr

OTV = Overland Television.  Students in OTV are responsible for creating and broadcasting Overland's video announcements. OTV is a class and an after-school activity.

​Pre-Med Club
Meetings: Second/Fourth Mon 3:45-4:45pm (IB111)

Sponsor: Ashley Atwell
Pre-Med Club is designed for anyone interested in learning about medical and/or health-related careers and opportunities available to students. From professional surgeons to athletic trainers, Pre-Med Club provides students with the opportunity to converse with speakers about their specialties and career options available. Opportunities for exposure to the health science fields are also provided, as members have an opportunity to participate in field trips and take part in health fairs. Also, students will have the opportunity to take a First Aid and CPR training class.

Pre-Med Club members also coordinate the annual OHS Blood Drive.

​Props & Costumes
Meetings: Tues/Thurs 3:30-4:30pm (Performing Arts Hallway)

Sponsors: Lara Kendrick & Wendy Somers
> applications available the week of auditions
Students must apply to join P&C.

This group supports the plays and musicals at OHS by getting all of the props needed for the shows, preparing the costumes, and working on show nights behind the scenes to make sure the show is ready.

FALL: Mon/Thur 3:45-5:00pm (IE 103)
SPRING: Mon/Wed/Thu 4-7 + Sat 10-4 (IE 103)

Sponsors:  Charles Pearl & Kate McDonnell
The Robotics Club will meet regularly for two separate seasons during the school year. In January, February, and March, we will meet to train, plan, design, and fabricate a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition. During the fall, students will be exposed to engineering design practices, problem solving, fabrication techniques, and programming as well as the softer details of marketing, project management, and fundraising to prepare them for build season.

​Skills Club
Meetings: Thurs 3:45–4:45pm (Auto Shop 162F)

Sponsors:  G. Perman/L. Wilkenson
The Skills Club gives students a chance to learn and practice employability skills. Students have an opportunity for more than one million dollars in scholarships and compete with other students at the district, state and national level. Skills members make contacts and have networking opportunities with local businesses that lead to employment.

Spanish Club
Meetings: Wed 3:30-4:30pm (239C)

Sponsor:  Kelly Osuna
Spanish Club is a place for anyone who wishes to learn more about Hispanic culture and language. The group works to promote understanding about Hispanic heritage and traditions. We share culture with the Prairie Preschoolers, Prairie Middle Schoolers and other Spanish Classes throughout the year. We also help organize Culture Night and the Cinco de Mayo celebration for OHS. Depending on the interests of the participants, we learn about food preparations, various traditional dances , art and cinema in Latin America and we participate in various competitions and conferences.

Speech & Debate
Meetings: Mon/Wed 3:30-4:30pm (116A)

Sponsors:  J. Sandoval/J. Scherer
> National Forensics League
If you love to talk and debate various topics of interest, or are perhaps an aspiring comedian, then this is the club for you. Debaters give speeches on myriad topics, and compete against debaters from other high schools at the district, state, regional, and even national level! An invitation to the national competition is each member's ultimate goal.

​Student Council
This is a class during the school day.

Sponsors:  L. Huddleston & D. Hansen
> StuCo Application 2019–20
Teacher Recommendation 2019–20

2022: Romolo/Voorheis
2021: Espinosa/Herman
2020: Trevino/Hansen
2019: Ellis/Zappia

Students must apply to join StuCo.  Elections in the spring.

Student Council is a class and a club. Students participate in a classroom structure which emphasizes leadership, commitment, and maintaining Overland High School traditions. Members organize Homecoming and Wish Week, and junior class officers organize Prom.

​TCG Club
Meetings: Tue 3:30-5:00pm (IE107)

Sponsor:  Luke Willis
We are the TCG (Trading Card Game) Club. We meet in room # IE 107 on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm. We are a club for anyone who likes playing, talking about, or collecting TCG cards such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh and any other playing card games people are interested. You can bring your own cards or borrow those that are provided by the club and its members.

Meetings: Wed 3:30-4:30pm (239C)

Sponsors:  Alli Pineda & Kelly Osuna
"Tepochcalli" means "House of Youth" and this group is designed as a place for kids (traditionally of Latino decent, but not limited to) to explore and reach their highest potential through experiencing rights of passage that are meaningful and will help develop self confidence, gain valuable skills as life long learners and to help serve as mentors, advocates and allies for their fellow students, thus building a stronger community and thriving students. Through games, discussions, and a multitude of activities students will be provided an opportunity to develop leadership skills, self-awareness, self-respect, disprove stereotypes, foster cultural/racial proficiency, recognize and eliminate institutional racism and celebrate one another's strengths.

​Theatre Tech
Meeting times vary (152E)

Sponsor:  Sara Sachs
> check performing arts hallway for application
Students must apply to be on the Tech Crew.

If you are interested in set construction, lighting, sound, etc. for Overland Stage Productions, check the Performing Arts hallway for a theatre tech application.

Please see Mr. Ray if you have any questions.

Mon/Wed 3:45-4:45pm (IE 101)

Sponsors:  Debbie Gregg
​TSA = Technology Student Association

If you are interested in any of the following, please come to one of the meetings.
  • Architectural Model
  • Biotechnology Design
  • CAD
  • Construction Renovation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Video Production
  • Cyber Patriot
  • Dragster Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Flight Endurance
  • Manufacturing Prototype
  • Music Production
  • On Demand Video
  • Photographic Technology
  • Structural Engineering
  • System Control Technology
  • Transportation Modeling
  • TSA VEX Robotics
  • Video Game Design
  • Webmaster

This is a class during the school day.

Sponsor:  Caity White
Overland High School's annual yearbook is consistently one of the best in the state. Yearbook may be taken as a year-long, general elective English credit. Yearbook Production involves writing and associated skills, graphic design, photography, and business skills. All ennrolled students must be willing to work in all of the above areas. Because of deadline restrictions, students must be willing and able to devote time to this project outside of school and to accept responsibility for the completion of the yearbook.

Overland's yearbook has been been awarded the First Class Rating from the National Scholastic Press Association and the All-Colorado Award from the Colorado High School Press Association.

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