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A Tour of the IST

IST front of building   DNA stainless steel sculpture   Construction worker smoothing concrete
The IST building is south and north facing to make the most use of natural daylight.   A strand of DNA serves as decoration in front of the building.   Geodetic lines of latitude and longitude run through the floors of the building.
IST curved ceiling   IST view from second story window   chemistry
The ceilings are curved to increase air flow and reflect light around the room.   The north side of the building overlooks the center point of one of the two arcs that form the shape of the building.   Lab tables in chemistry rooms are bolted to the counters for safety during experiments.
Computer lab   large, 10 blabe fan   fibonacci-pattern windows
Computer labs and classrooms are outfitted with the latest technology.   A ceiling fan and a building ice maker help to cool the building.   These windows are designed with the 1,1,2,3,5,8 Fibonacci pattern.
flight gauge pannel   IP 205 Studio room label   lecture hall example
The aeronautics lab is complete with a flight simulator.   Rooms are identified with signs --IP (physics), IC (chemistry), IE (engineering), and IB (biology)--that divide the building into 4 wings.   The IST Lecture Hall is used by the school and the community.
high ceiling light diffusion windows   solar light channel in ceiling   students sitting in lounge area
Diffused natural light comes in through windows near the ceiling.   Classroom solar lights channel sunlight into the rooms.   Four lounge areas serve as a place for students to study.
IST main office   faculty offices   Fibonacci-shaped outdoor plaza
The IST main office houses the district STEM director as well as an assistant principal from Overland and from Prairie.   There are two shared faculty offices, one upstairs and one downstairs.   The Fibonacci Plaza is one of two outdoor classrooms.
post grad center   prime number plaza   classroom with white board and stereo system
The Post Grad center and senior counselors are located on the second floor.   The Prime Number Plaza is an outdoor classroom with seating arranged in a mathematical pattern.   Classrooms are equipped with layered whiteboards with storage behind as well as sound systems to enhance the sound of the instructor.
science classroom chemical hoods   sundolier: sun-lit chandelier   timeline of famous scientists, mathematicians, and technologists
Science classrooms have demonstration centers for chemical experiments built into the wall.   A sundolier brings light from the roof down into the the building. It is attached to the ceiling on this pattern of concentric squares.   A timeline of scientists, mathematicians, and technologists lines the walls of the hallways.
full-wall whiteboard   classroom with large windows to hall   student work area in hallway
Classroom walls have a whiteboard surface for extra instructional space.   Classrooms have a window into the hallway for teachers to monitor small group work.   There are many student work areas in the hallways throughout the building.